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High School Equivalency Program KPI

The University of New Mexico High School Equivalency Program (HEP) is a unique opportunity for individuals with migratory or seasonal farm working backgrounds. This program offers participants the opportunity to earn a GED certificate through intensive GED preparatory instruction, tutoring, and supportive services.

HEP, in collaboration with established GED programs throughout New Mexico, provides convenient GED instruction that is flexible with the everyday schedules of our participants. Upon successful completion of the program, HEP provides assistance for placement into a post-secondary institution, career position, or military service.

The UNM HEP project is federally funded through a five-year discretionary grant from the U.S. Department of Education, Office of Migrant Education in the amount of $2,154,262 until August 14, 2012.This is the High School Equivalency Program’s third grant cycle at UNM.


HEP works with GED students, and is required to graduate 69% of program participants per funding year. Last grant cycle HEP had to graduate 69% of 60 participants, and 27 students graduated.

Course Completion

HEP recruits 80 students per year. HEP program participants enroll in a program-led GED preparatory course, where they receive instruction on all five GED instruction areas: Math, Science, Social Studies, Reading, and Writing. Course completers are measured by course participation.

Student Leadership Development & Career Readiness

HEP provides monthly workshops to develop participants’ self-leadership and workforce skills. Nine workshops are held annually, and participants are encouraged to attend a state-wide leadership conference.

P-20 Pipeline & Community Outreach

HEP staff perform weekly outreach in the Albuquerque metropolitan area. HEP leverages and makes referrals to community and educational resources, programs, and tools for the further advancement of participants’ education and to increase community impact.