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Daniel's Fund KPI

The Daniels Fund Scholar Success Program strives to provide a comprehensive support system for Daniels Fund Scholarship recipients through academic, social and community events throughout the academic year.

3rd Semester Retention

3rd semester retention is critical for the program as scholarships are awarded as long as students meet satisfactory progress by completing their coursework and maintaining a certain gpa.


The DFSS program does look at graduation rates for the students receiving a scholarship. Students receive a scholarship for 4 years as long as they meet the requirements.

Course Completion

This is a critical area for the DFSSP as it is critical that students complete their courses each semester in order to maintain the scholarship.

New Student Enrollment

The program does actively recruit new student enrollment. Every Spring semester, the Daniels Fund host the interview process for applicants at the University of New Mexico. The CEP liaison to the Daniels Fund attends an orientation program for new scholars in Denver during the summer.

NM Achievement Gaps

To some extent the DFSSP addresses the NM Achievement Gap. This scholarship provides students from the state of New Mexico the opportunity to attend college and earn a degree.

Student Leadership Dev. & Career Readiness

The DFSSP encourages student involvement on campus and a student organization has been formed to create a support system for Daniels Fund students attending UNM. Career Readiness workshops will be presented to scholars through monthly meetings and workshops. Career Services provides the workshops.

P-20 Pipeline

The DFSSP supports the P-20 Pipeline as it offers financial assistance to students in the state to attend an institution of higher education.