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College Prep Programs KPI

The purpose of College Prep Programs (CPP) is to promote P-20 student success and post-secondary education, from college awareness to college readiness, through academics, career exploration, civic engagement, college-life and leadership development for students from low-income and first generation college-attending families in New Mexico and across the country.


College Prep Programs tracks graduation rates for all youth programs. Because youth participants are so young, graduation rates reflect only those students eligible up to the current program year.


CPP programs promote college readiness through student projects. Projects range from researching and preparing for mock trials to researching the effects of energy production on Latino/a families in the U.S. These projects facilitate college preparation by teaching the skills necessary for students to perform undergraduate-level research, such as research planning, literature review, synthesis, and analysis.

Higher Education Enrollment

Like graduation rates, College Prep Programs tracks higher education enrollment for all youth programs. Because participants are so young when they enter the programs, graduation rates reflect only those students eligible up to the current program year.

NM Achievement Gaps

College Prep Programs provides workshops and pre-college preparation focusing on addressing the challenges faced by low-income first-generation students. Many of CPP’s students, being low-income and first-generation, also come from underrepresented communities. The College Prep Programs utilize the power of mentors and tutors to reach students on an individual level concurrent with group activities and programs. During the summer months CPP hosts over-night camps to aid in college preparation, skills building, and leadership development. During the academic year CPP works one-on-one with students in the College Readiness Program, assisting with everything from homework to applying for scholarships and colleges.

Student Leadership Development & Career Readiness

A large component of each College Prep Program is leadership development and career readiness. Leadership development workshops, activities, and projects prepare students for Summer programs such as the Summer Law Camp and the National Hispanic Youth Research & Leadership Program focus on preparing students for careers in STEM fields and the judicial system.

P-20 Pipeline & Community Outreach

CPP leverages programs and school districts throughout the state to encourage K-12 students to follow their dreams for college success. In addition to working with youth, CPP promotes parent and family involvement via its College Readiness Program parent workshops.