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Chase Foundation KPI

The mission of the Chase Scholarship program is to increase student graduation rates, provide student resources, establish partnership programs with higher education institutions, provide families affordable college, and to provide continual encouragement and support for students throughout their education process. (this is the first semester of the program)

3rd Semester Retention

This is the first semester of the program and we will have rates for the Chase Scholars after they complete their first year and enroll their 3 semester.


This is an area that the program will monitor to see how many Chase Scholars will graduate.

Course Completion

This is a critical area for the Chase Program as it is critical that students complete their courses each semester in order to maintain the scholarship. Rates will be calculated at the end of the semester.

New Student Enrollment

The program does actively recruit new student enrollment. Every Spring semester, UNM is invited to attend the formal announcement of the Chase Scholarship to the graduating class of Artesia high school.

NM Achievement Gaps

To some extent the Chase Scholarship addresses the NM Achievement Gap. This scholarship provides rural students of Artesia the opportunity to attend college and earn a degree. Students must earn at least a 3.0 gpa in order to apply for a Chase Scholarship.

Student Leadership Dev. & Career Readiness

The Chase Scholarship Program encourages student involvement on campus and a student organization will be formed in the Spring semester to create a support system for Chase students attending UNM. Career Readiness workshops will be presented to scholars.

P-20 Pipeline

Through the Chase Foundation, scholars are required to give back to the community through public service. This program also serves as a pipeline program because the foundations supports various institutions by providing funding to help these students transition to college and succeed.