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College Enrichment Program KPI

The mission of the The College Enrichment Program (CEP) is to provide leadership in the development, implementation and coordination of student support services and activities which are designed to assist CEP students' academic achievement and their personal, cultural and social development.

3rd Semester Retention

CEP tracks 3rd semester retention through the banner system. CEP has a 91% retention rate of students enrolled in CEP.


CEP tracks graduation through the Bachelor’s degree. The Banner system is used to track graduation and the current 6 year graduation rate of CEP students is 44% which is the UNM rate for all students.

Course Completion

To some extent this is measured for all CEP students. Usually this is measured to see lottery attainment but there are no current percentages of course completion for CEP students.

Low-Income Graduation

While CEP targets low-income students, this is not a variable that is measured for CEP students.

New Student Enrollment

While CEP does not actively recruit in the state, CEP has been in existence for over 40 years and has a reputation across the state. CEP annually serves approximately 13% of the new students enrolled each year.

NM Achievement Gaps

CEP address the NM achievement gap by providing services to those students who enroll at UNM and are not prepared academically. Any student, who is admitted to UNM with a 16 ACT composite score or below, is required to participate in CEP. Annually, approximately 46% of the entering freshman in the CEP program is admitted with an ACT composite score of 16 or below. In order to address this gap, CEP has a peer mentor/tutor program where it partners with the Introductory Studies program to provide peer mentors/tutors in the classroom.

Student Leadership Dev. & Career Readiness

CEP continues to provide student leadership development through our Freshman Orientation program. CEP hires student leaders to serve as ambassadors to the university by becoming Orientation Leaders in the summer. This is an area that is not assessed and could possible look to see how becoming an orientation leader of the summer has retained students at UNM and eventually graduate with a Bachelor’s degree.

P-20 Pipeline

CEP is normally invited to attend several events across the city and state but we are not responsible for recruiting or to prepare students to progress through the public school system. In the past, we have coordinated the Student Affairs Summer Bridge Program which helped high school senior’s transition to their freshmen year at UNM.