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Joan Green

Accessibility Resource Center (ARC)

  Joan Green, Director

Connect, Collaborate, Succeed at UNM is a great way to get started with us at ARC where our focus is working with students with Disabilities. Located on the second floor of Mesa Vista Hall room 2021 at the University of New Mexico, the Accessibility Resource Center provides a variety of services to self identified UNM students on main campus as well as branch campuses across the state. Our commitment to quality and dedication in providing the best possible accommodations to our students is the hallmark of our department.

W. Scott Carreathers

African American Student Services (AASS)

  Scott Carreathers, Director

The African American Student Services is a positive, dynamic and supportive environment for studying and fellowship. Several out-of-state students perceive African American Student Services staff and students as an extension of family. I am eager to share with you the opportunities and resources that the African American Student Services provides.

Lt Col Kleinschmidt

Air Force ROTC

At Detachment 510, we have successfully commissioned over 1,000 2Lts into the United States Air Force since 1949. Amongst these, we have commissioned 10 cadets that have become Generals in our Air Force. In this complex and rapidly evolving world the Air Force needs dedicated and professional leaders. Detachment 510 is located here to provide these leaders to the US Air Force. These men and women will have the opportunity to command and control assets in air, space, and the ever evolving cyberspace of today's military. Our job is to prepare college students to meet the challenges of officership and instill the pride and traditions that have upheld our Air Force since creation on September 18, 1947.

Pamela Agoyo

American Indian Student Services (AISS)

  Pamela Agoyo, Director

American Indian Student Services provides cultural and academic programming for American Indian students attending the University of New Mexico in an effort to ensure their academic achievement and assist in the development of personal, cultural, and social success. AISS is also a liaison for Native students attending local high schools and schools located on or near tribal reservations; tribal and community colleges; tribal governments; and tribal higher education programs and organizations that directly impact the recruitment and retention of American Indian students at the University of New Mexico.

MAJ McKaig


  LTC Alissa McKaig, Commanding Officer

Army ROTC offers students the opportunity to learn and grow in a variety of ways. The program of instruction challenges students in both indoor and outdoor settings; cadets participate in classroom instruction while also engaging in world class physical fitness training, land navigation, marksmanship, rappelling, and other military activities. Cadets learn management and leadership skills not available in other university programs. Army ROTC contributes to a variety of job skills applicable to any profession, career or job, while instilling in each cadet a sense of confidence, discipline, and personal responsibility. Moreover, each cadet gains the satisfaction of being part of a select group of great Americans dedicated to American values and service to the Nation.

Jenna Crabb

Career Services

  Jenna Crabb, Director

UNM Career Services must support the mission, academic programs, and advancement of the University of New Mexico. Within this context, the primary purpose of the Career Services Center is to assist students, faculty, staff and alumni in developing, evaluating, and/or implementing career, education, and employment decisions. Our office provides professional career advisement to current UNM students as well as UNM alumni and community members. We organize and host several career and information events each semester providing UNM students and alumni with the opportunity to network with employers/recruiters, to learn more about a variety of occupations, and to find employment. Visit us to learn about even more resources available!

Andrew Gonzalez

College Enrichment & Outreach Programs (CEOP)

  Andrew Gonzalez, Director

The mission of College Enrichment and Outreach Programs is to ensure students an equal access to education and foster excellence through a collaboration of support services. The College Enrichment Program (CEP) provides programs that directly impact students' success at UNM. CEP provides comprehensive student support services that assist students with their transition to higher education and attaining collegiate success. Programs focus on students who are first-generation, low income and come from rural areas. We truly BELIEVE all students have the ability to succeed and we sincerely CARE about their success! We pride on meeting the students where they are and helping them to get where they want to go!

Kiran Katira

Community Engagement Center

  Kiran Katira, Director

Community Engagement Center (CEC) was formed in 2000 by faculty, staff and students, and community members interested in better mobilizing the University of New Mexico’s resources and talents towards ever increasing civic engagement. CEC now serves the entire campus and the state of New Mexico.

Rosa Isela Cervantes

El Centro de la Raza

  Rosa Isela Cervantes, Director

El Centro de la Raza provides tools for self-determination, personal responsibility and resiliency of Raza students at the University of New Mexico. We support the transformation of students through knowledge and skills, while challenging systems to achieve social justice. In engaging the community, El Centro continues the legacy of advocacy, holistic support and partnerships. El Centro de la Raza serves as an agent of change to provide state of the art student services, programs, research and educational opportunities to support social, cultural, economic and political sustainability in New Mexican communities.

Nora Dominguez

Mentoring Institute

  Nora Dominguez, Director

Our goals are to  impact the quality of mentorship provided to students, faculty, and staff at UNM and Statewide by establishing a network of mentoring partnerships and communities of practice, to positively affect engagement, retention and graduation rates of students by educating our diverse student body, faculty and staff across disciplines in Mentoring Best Practices, competencies and capabilities, and to potentially enhance the academic and career success of students, faculty, and staff across the country through out the diffusion of research-based mentoring best practices and educational programs in national and international conferences.

Frank Gilfeather

National Security Studies Program (NSSP)

  Frank Gilfeather, Director

The National Security Studies Program (NSSP) is a student focused initiative helping a new generation of New Mexico students develop the knowledge and skills necessary in an increasingly complex and rapidly changing world. NSSP is tailored to prepare UNM students from a broad spectrum of disciplinary and professional fields of study for careers in U.S. government service. Find out more on Intelligence Community career listings. The program is designed for students at both the pre-baccalaureate and post-baccalaureate level. Currently NSSP is not part of a major or minor program of studies at UNM, but instead manages a National Security and Strategic Analysis Certificate designed to augment preparation in traditional disciplinary majors through focused courses, seminars, symposiums, individual mentoring, internships, intensive language study, and study a broad programs.

CAPT Riley

Naval ROTC

  CAPT Michael Riley, Commanding Officer

As a college student and Marine-Option Midshipman in the NROTC Program, your journey to a successful future will also lead to a life of purpose and advancement Marine Corps Officers are known for. For the right few, the Marine Corps offers the opportunity to pursue this noble path while earning a degree on a college campus. In fact, as a Marine-Option Midshipman, the NROTC Program will only enhance college life. But this is not merely an education; it is a screening process to find the few who have what it takes to lead Marines.

Jim Todd

Recreational Services

  Jim Todd, Director

We are committed to making your experience in the Recreational Services Program the most positive and worthwhile adventure possible. If you ever encounter an inconvenience or if there is anything we can do to make your experience more positive please let us know. Let us prove to you our "Pledge to Excellence." The mission of the Recreational Services Department of the University of New Mexico is to provide a wide variety of opportunities to enhance the educational, recreational and cultural experiences for a diverse University community. The Department is committed to excellence by offering services which stimulate a social, ethical, healthy and safe environment.

tim schroeder

STEM Collaborative Center (STCC)

  Tim Schroeder, Director

The STEM Collaborative Center promotes collaboration between UNM departments, and develops STEM engagement opportunities for first and second year UNM students.  STEM is an acronym for Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. Mission Statement: Collaborate & Strengthen. Engage & Connect. Collaborate with UNM STEM programs to strengthen UNM STEM education efforts. Engage students in STEM exploration and enrichment activities. Connect students to STEM departments and support programs. Visit our page to see the many opportunities, projects, and events we have happening.